By Romrik Joshua Flores, Moroni Channel
Bonifacio Global City Taguig, Philippines 
Love in the Moonlight also known as Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is a 2016 South Korean Drama starring Park Bo-gum a devout Christian, Kim Yoo-jung, Jinyoung, Chae Soo-bin and Kwak Dong-yeon. The drama is a Coming of age Historical Romantic Comedy based on a novel written by ​Yoon Yi-soo.


The story is a coming of age youth drama about a woman who disguise herself as a man. Hong Ra-On (Kim Yoo-jung) counsels men about love. She later meets the Crown Prince (Park Bo-gum) after receiving a letter. Hong Ra-on is not aware that he is the Crown Prince nor the Prince is aware that she is a woman. She later became a Eunuch after being sold to the palace. The Crown Prince later fell in love with his Eunuch. Rumors about the Crown Prince liking men starts to circulate the Palace. Meanwhile the eunuch, Hong Ra-On, is afraid that her true identity will be exposed so she tried her best to hide her true colors. Despite the hardship the Crown Prince expressed his love to his Eunuch after seeing her in woman’s cloth.


Yes it is, if you love Romance, History and Korean Drama, this drama is perfect for you. ​The drama is Directed by Kim Sung-Yoon (Big/Dream High) and Baek Sang Hoon (Descendants of the Sun). The drama has twist and turns in some of the episodes, and will keep the viewers watching until the end. The actors portrayed their roles very well, and that’s the reason why the Drama gained such ratings.


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is rated PG-15 (based on Korean rating system). There are kissing scenes and few with bloodshed. The drama is mainly for youth ages 15 and up. The drama has no pornographic scenes the fact that the main actor Park Bo-gum (Crown Prince) is a conservative Christian and the leading actress Kim Yoo-jung ​is under age.


There are a lot of inspiring messages from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, here are some of them:

  • “Do not forget. If I only had one person in the world that I could trust, it would still be you.”
  • “If there’s someone you miss, you have to meet that person.”
  • “Several times a day, I imagine what might have been if we had met in different circumstances. At least while we are here right now, where nobody knows, let’s look at each other without thinking about it.”
  • “Even if it’s poorly planned and humble, I want to draw my own future by myself.”
  • “I want to bid him farewell so that he can live well without me. Not so that he can forget me, but so that he won’t feel sorry towards me.”
  • “Instead of a great person, I just needed a family with whom I could eat, sleep, laugh and cry together with.”
  • “No matter who we are, whenever it is, and wherever we are, it is fine as long as our hearts are the same.”
  • “Even if we were spun in circles, we were fated to meet each other.”
  • “The ordinary things in our lives will suddenly feel special, once you think of it as the last.”
  • “There’s no need to ask me for favors, since I would do anything for you.”
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