By: Romrik Joshua Flores, Moroni Channel
The Republic Of The Philippines

A Filipino Latter-day Saint, Nephi Garcia, also known as Designer Daddy gone viral on Social Media with his High-quality Disney Costumes for his kids. His Video on Facebook has gathered over 11 million views since it was posted, Wednesday Afternoon.
​Designer Daddy lives in Florida and makes stunning Disney Costumes for his family to wear in the theme park. He started to make it as his living.

"I didn't realize cosplay was my thing until just recently. But I know my wife and kids love it as well." Garcia mentioned in his video.

A blog from "Inspired Family of 5" mentioned that Garcia costume made their family's Disneyland trip "an incredible experience." Jen wrote

"Our good friends from Designer Daddy brought extra costumes for our girls to join in on dressing up,"

"When my daughter slipped on that first gorgeous Victorian-style dress and glided down Maint St. like a princess, holding hands with her best friend, the magic of Disneyland jumped to a whole new level."

Mr Garcia spends 12 - 40 hours on each costume and tries not to stop sewing throughout the process so he can be as creative as possible according to Daily Mail UK.

"It sounds ridiculous because they're costumes, but it's something that we love doing together, and something that we love doing together, and something that brings us together," Garcia said.

After earning over 110,000 followers on his Instagram and starting a successful business, Little Bright Dress, Mr Garcia hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams. ​
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