African children and teenagers gather around with buckets while a young woman operates the water pump.
​Moroni Channel Family Council announces a new chapter of the Group in Africa after 700 Africans requested to make Moroni Channel available in Africa.

Romrik Joshua a member of The Family Council statement:

We at Moroni Channel received a Petition from the African members of the church to make Moroni Channel available in Africa. We need at least 15 or more Administrators to help manage the said Group. We are now searching for African members who are willing to be an administrator in Moroni Channel Africa.

We personally like to say Thank you for our Brothers and Sisters who continues to support Moroni Channel. Like what Elder Bednar said “We will sweep the Earth with  messages filled with righteousness and truth – messages that are  authentic, edifying, and praise worthy – and literally to sweep the earth as a flood.”

If you are interested in being an Administrator click the button below
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