By: Moroni Channel Researcher
Salt Lake City Utah, USA


​When Latter-day Saint father and husband John Edward Jones descended into the Nutty Putty cave with his brothers and friends in 2009, he had no idea it was the last time he would see his family.

Back home in Utah from medical school with his wife and 2-year-old daughter, Jones’s Thanksgiving break started out like many others, but it ended with him stuck in an almost unreachable crevice 150 feet underground. For 28 hours. Hanging upside down as told by LDS Living

For a few brief hours during this ordeal, rescuers were able to free Jones using a rope-pulley system. He was given an IV, food, and water. But the most touching moments came when he was able to talk to his wife over a police radio. However, the rescue equipment soon experienced a sudden failure, causing Jones to drop back into the same narrow gap.

Despite heroic efforts of rescue crews, they were not able to free Jones from the tunnel before he died as told by LDS Living

​According to the movie’s description The Last Descent is inspired by the true story of love and loss at Nutty Putty cave. 

​In 2009 John Jones entered Nutty Putty Cave with his brother Josh. What happened next has been an topic of much discussion and controversy ever since.  Over 127 rescuers responded to the call for aid, and each one has their own take on the events. The Last Descent is a story about love, life, and human connection. Ultimately it is the story about how clearly you can see what matters most when you are at the edge of life and death.

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