Lindsey Stirling Was Ranked As Top 4 Most Paid Youtuber This Year
By: Romrik Joshua Flores | October 17 2015

      The Dancing Violinist Lindsey Stirling (who serve her mission in New York, New York North Mission) happens to be one of the highest paid YouTube Stars in the world according to posted Yesterday. Lindsey Stirling was a YouTube sensation who got 110 million views in a single video.

She was voted off on “America’s Got Talent in 2010. Since that day she started posting on YouTube. Her videos keep getting viral, for her unique style doing Hip hop while playing her violin. Most of her videos was made by herself, she compose, choreograph, design, direct, and edit mostly of her works.

She is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints commonly called, Mormons.

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