By Sonja Hopkins, Moroni Channel
New York City New York, USA


​I taught gospel doctrine for a period of 11 years in our little branch. Something that I noticed is that every year that were are in the campaign cycle to elect a new president of our country….we are studying the Book of Mormon in Gospel Doctrine. And something that drew my attention is that during the time between the national political conventions that select the candidates running for president – and the actual election – we are studying lesson 34 – “How Could You Have Forgotten Your God”…this chapter teaches about the “Pride Cycle” that leads from righteousness and prosperity, to pride and wickedness, destruction and suffering, to humility and repentance, and finally back to righteousness and prosperity.

It is in this cycle that the chapter speaks of how the wicked Gadianton Robbers have completely taken over the government. In Helaman 7:13-29 Nephi is lamenting this wickedness and is speaking to a multitude – calling the people to repentance. I can almost hear his cry of anguish in verse 17 “Why will ye die?” as I contemplate the evils that are before us in the world today.

There is no doubt – even to the casual observer that the modern day Gadiantons have infiltrated and taken control of our political system.

I recently read a book written by Ilyan Kei Lavanway, who happens to be one of my former seminary students, “The Modern Day Gadianton Golden Boy”. This short story provided.

amazing insight into the character of a man who largely remains an enigma to the rest of the world. I find it stunning that it was written in 2008…before all the events happened that can be seen so clearly now in hindsight. The chances of an individual rising to such power and apparent prominence on their own merits is so remote….one has to believe there was either divine intervention or absolute mind numbing manipulation, coercion, corruption and demonic intent. I would recommend this book be required reading for anyone – and particularly to those interested in political science.

It shows the step by step developmental roadmap of how we got to the place in our country we now are experiencing. It is a powerful reminder that this manipulation, coercion, corruption and demonic intent has been setting up the political system, media support, and education system to support this corrupt agenda. I pray those who have already been mesmerized by the deception will read this and be able to “see” what they have been sucked into. Truly, our most powerful weapon is personal righteousness…that we may warrant God’s divine intervention.. As I watched the endorsement speech at the DNC last month – it was so clear that the Modern Day Gadianton Golden Boy has just passed the baton to the Modern Day Gadianton Golden Girl. May God Bless America….

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