Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave councils and instructions to the audience in the conference on how to invite others to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here are 3 things every members can do to help share the gospel to others:

First, we can all pray for desire to help with this vital part of the work of salvation. All efforts begin with desire.

Second, we can keep the commandments ourselves. Faithful, obedient members are the most persuasive witnesses of the truth and value of the restored gospel. Even more important, faithful members will always have His Spirit to be with them to guide them as they seek to participate in the great work of sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Third, we can pray for inspiration on what we can do in our individual circumstances to share the gospel with others. This is different than praying for the missionaries or praying for what others can do. We should pray for what we can do, personally.

The Apostle also said that the young people of the church have the knowledge and is an expert with social media that gives us unique opportunities to reach out and share the gospel to others.

The Apostle quoted 3 Nephi 26:14 saying: “He did teach and minister unto the children … and he did loose their tongues … that they could utter.”

Today I suppose we would say “loose their [text thumbs] that they could utter.” Go to it, youth, he said.

“I urge every member and family in the Church to pray for the Lord to help them find persons prepared to receive the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ,” he concluded.

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