By: Eunice Labrador Cabasal Lato, Moroni Channel
Zambales, Philippines
Choose to be Happy. “Happiness is a choice”, well, that is so true. We are accountable for every choices we make. We either choose to be happy or choose otherwise. We may choose to be grateful each day or choose to be ungrateful and hateful, but whatever we choose, it will always boil down to us.
​Now here are some of the things I my self try to do each day, step by step and if you do want to be happy you might want to try this one, it works for me and I hope it’ll work for you:

1. ​Wear a SMILE

Try to think of good thoughts when you wake up every morning. Don’t let the day begin with a frown – don’t ever frown, it’ll just give you wrinkles. Now we don’t want that to happen too soon right? Learn how to smile at every turn in your life even with your problems. Believe me, problems are always there we might as well endure it with a smile on our face. We don’t know whenever there are people who needs it.

2. ​Learn To Laugh At Yourself

There are no perfect people. Remember that we are all imperfect and we should accept those imperfections. Don’t let others get into you with their negativity. Whatever you do always think that you always get the chance to change for the better. Laugh at your mistakes and take time to correct it and just be done with it and move on.

3. ​Never Give Up

If every thing in your life seems like you’re loosing, hey, don’t just give up yet. Don’t let any setbacks get you down. Don’t let this cause you unhappiness. Learn to shake it off and be patient and work hard. Have a little faith in you and in Him. Take it as a challenge, another obstacle to go through. But wouldn’t be good if we look at it on a positive way? ​

4. ​Be Honest

Sure enough, “honesty is the best policy”. It won’t hurt you to be honest with your dealings in your life. Even when truth hurts, always tell what is true. Lying is much more hurtful than telling the truth. You deceive no one for being honest.

5. ​Speak Kindly

As Joel Osteen said and I quote ” Be careful in what you say. You can say something hurtful in ten seconds, but ten years later, the wounds are still there.” Always be kind and speak kindly to others, you never know who you make someone happy and blessed just because of your kind words. ​

6. ​Pray

Take time to pray as you start your day. Prayer is a great tool to have a heart to heart talk with our Father in Heaven. It also invites the Spirit to dwell in you. Sincere and honest prayer will get you somewhere that only you can experience. Just do not expect an answer immediately, for God’s time is not man’s time, answers to prayers are given in due time.

7. ​Be An Example

This is hard really… Being an example when you know in your self that you are not a good example for others, but when you start to do good you unconsciously invite others to do the same things and such is the domino effect, others follow suit.

8. ​Learn To Forgive And Forget

I know you all will tell me I am out of my mind, but hey, if Jesus Christ can what can’t we? Now you all will say “Well I’m not Jesus” but I will tell you, aren’t we all Heavenly Father’s children? If so we can do this. I know this is the hardest part of all, but in order to be truly happy learn to give forgiveness and learn to forget whatever others hath badly done to you. That the Miracle of true forgiveness. Your burden becomes lighter and your life happier and blessed.
I won’t tell you that these are easy to do because it is NOT. But step by step, little by little I know you’ll get there. We just got to have patience. You can not live a positive and happy life with a negative mind. Remember what President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said that ” PATIENCE is not passive resignation, nor is it failing to act because of our fears. Patience means active waiting and enduring.” Be patient in doing these things and so forth everyone will always get there and everyone deserves to be happy.
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