By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
United States Of America
Remains are all the things that are store up within the inner man. All things from birth, the special things that God insinuates into a new born, and little ones because of their innocence, that they need to drive and lead one, to both a good life, and a life with God. It is all things taught by parents, church, all things read and spiritual experiences had. They are again stored up safely within. It is kind of like a bank, where one both deposits, yet more importantly withdraws. Why this is so important is that when the spirit flows through someone, it needs somewhere to land, and therefore lands on these special remains stored up within man. They land when the time is right, or when, say our children who have strayed for a short period of time are ready, or and, prepared to turn their life about. They are withdrawn a little at a time, as needed to prompt, and remind themselves of who they really are, and to spur, encourage, and inspire them on to their return. Without remains, the spirit can’t land, for there is nothing to land on, or anything special to help or to give aid. Your children who have been raised in the church have all the advantage, as opposed to others who were raised with out the teaching and worship of the gospel. Some are raise with abuse, godless families, so on and so forth, and therefore have very little stored up, or special spiritual things to held them reform, or to regenerate. Your good children have all the remains needed, from how they were raised, to make someday the transition back into the protection and safety net of the gospel. Tolerance, patience, love and hope are required while waiting for these things to be activated.
Some children have been raised outside the gospel net having good and great parents being taught well of the things of god. These and others have plenty of remains to remind them who they really are consciously and unconsciously.
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