By: Tracey Ferrin, Moroni Channel
Clear Lake City, Texas USA

Anyone else done this or doing this?

​I was guilty of this myself until I realized that I was teaching them the wrong thing. It just hit me like a ton of bricks one day.

​This is what I was teaching them……That being a mom means you let yourself go physically and mentally. Being a mom means you put yourself last. Being a mom is stressful. Being a mom is not fun.

I didn’t want them to grow up and think, “forget that mom stuff, if it’s as bad as my mom made it look….count me out.”

​Once I put me back on the priority list I started to teach them differently.

Being a mom is fun! Being a mom means leading by example and I am showing them that just because I am a mom doesn’t mean I forget about me.

Some how I had it in my head that the more I sacrificed myself and let me go the better a mom I must be.

​I learned I can’t pour from an empty cup and when I was trying to all they got was leftovers. All they got was the stressed out, no fun, meaner of a mom.

I want my kids to know that being a good mom doesn’t equal losing yourself and taking yourself off the priority list.

I realized they were going to mimic the kind of mom I am with their kids. Am I perfect at this? Nope! But I have learned this very crucial lesson and I am so grateful that it was sooner rather than later.

I am not saying we should be selfish. Cause that’s just as bad as loosing ourselves.

Find some things that work for you and make you feel good. Mine are taking care of my body with exercise and eating good. I take care of my spirit with scripture and prayer. I feed my mind PD books. This sets me up for a Great day

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