By: Jeremy Bowman, Moroni Channel
Hollywood California, USA
As the coolness of the breeze Whispers memories in my ear My mind begins to wonder Of a question and a fear Father, I recognize thy hand In all I say and do Father, thank thee for thy light That turns the darkness into day.

Father, I know thou has power To answer a questioning heart And to heal it from its pain My heart and mind just wonders Why? And what’s it for And will I get the chance to see Who bled from every pore. The words of life are clear. But so many fall and sway Father Why, Father why? Do they throw it all away It makes me wonder Is my fighting all in vain Will I make it? Will I make it? Or will I drown in raging storms I will try to fight these battles And press forward with bright hope But the question still remains within. Will I fall or will I cop.My spirit appears so strong. But my flesh just seem too weak What am I to do To climb the mountain peak.

A voice as from the dust Whispers in my ear And fear is replaced by love. And the words become so clear Oh my son! Oh my son! Learn patience in thy youth It is line upon straight line. That I’ll teach you all my truth Don’t worry about the future. Ill tie up all loose ends Just remember oh remember. That only through my son. Can you live with me again.

Do not run faster than your able Be content, courageous and be true Look to me for strength. And I’ll see you make it through I remember when you left me. So son, know this one thing for sure It is only for one brief moment.

So press forward and endure. I love you and I am with you So study, seek and pray. For that is how you’ll find me. And together we will reach the peak Where you will find Me and my Son With love and rest and peace.

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