By: Moroni Channel News
Salt Lake City Utah, USA
​9 year old primary of the church spent his birthday giving boxes of pizzas to the victims of the flood. As his birthday present Carson Boutte helped deliver 363 pizzas to the victims of the flood in Louisiana. He was motivated by his aunt who is also a victim of the flood.

​“He saw me on FaceTime with my sister, as her house was flooding, and he was crying, I told him, ‘It’s OK… it’s just stuff.’ But he was really upset.” according to an article from The Advertiser.

Carson’s dad suggested that they would buy $100 worth of pizza, so her mother set aside $100 for the pizzas and post a video on Facebook in case their family member would like to help. By Saturday, Carson’s birthday, their video gone viral, and people from the community were volunteering to help.

“We’re going to give them lunch so that they don’t have to stop what they’re doing, so we are going to deliver pizzas to neighborhoods that have flooded,” according to a video published by ABC News.

“He was confused because he said this was making him sound like a hero,” she says. “He didn’t understand why what he wanted to do was special. I told him, ‘Carson, you are a hero. Do you know how selfless that is to think of all these other people?” according to a news article by The Advertiser

In total, more than 363 pizzas were served to flood victims and rescue crews.
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