When Russell M. Nelson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, visited French Polynesia on 24 May 2019, he met with Mr. Edouard Fritch, president of French Polynesia. During their meeting, President Nelson said the Church wanted to be part of the solution for the country, not the problem.

After the meeting, President Fritch accompanied President Nelson to a stadium where a cultural celebration preceded a devotional attended by over 10,000 people.

One year later, on Friday 12 June, Mr. Fritch invited a delegation from the Church, led by President Henri Estall of the Arue Tahiti Stake, to a meeting to discuss the Covid-19 health crisis, the severity of the looming social crisis, and the conditions of economic recovery.

President Fritch was accompanied by Mrs. Isabelle Sachet, Minister of the Family and Solidarities, Mr. Tearii Alpha, Minister of the Green Economy, Mrs. Maiana Bambridge, Director of Cabinet of the Ministry of Health, and Mr. Thierry Nun Fat, Head of Cabinet at the Presidency.
President Estall was accompanied by Noelline Parker, the Church’s national communication director, Bishop Manea Tuahu, welfare and self-reliance manager, and President Temarama Varney, first counselor in the Arue stake presidency.

The group reviewed French Polynesia’s response to the pandemic so far. There have been 60 cases and no deaths.

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