The impact of the pandemic left many residents of Santiago Island, Cabo Verde without income and in need of basic necessities. The Church responded by providing food and hygiene items to Nos Saude, a community association that delivered the much-needed goods to 300 families. The project was supported by funding from Latter-day Saint Charities and benefitted more than 1700 people because of the high number of people living in each household.

“We thank your institution for funding this project to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, where 300 families in need from Santiago Island were benefitted with basic food and hygiene baskets,” said Nos Saude President, Raimundo Monteiro.

In addition to providing food to local residents, the Church also supplied a three-month supply of hygiene and cleaning items to the Health Delegation of Santa Catarina to prevent the spread of the virus. These items contributed to the safety and protection of about 90 healthcare workers at a local health facility.

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