By Moroni Channel Newsroom
Salt Lake City Utah USA
According to a news report, Church Spokesman has confirmed that Elder Nelson’s illustration has been removed from the lesson on “prophets and revelation” — as Mormon authorities continue to develop the new online training for teachers who instruct Mormon high-schoolers.
​Russell M. Nelson released the following statement in January this year:

​An LDS writer for the Religion News states that “as the chief cornerstone, Jesus Christ continues to lead and direct his church through his prophets and apostles. He reveals laws for all of God’s children and guides his church through these ordained servants. God’s laws include doctrine, principles, commandments, ordinances and covenants, as well as church policies and practices he reveals through his prophets.”

The “policies and practices” reference drew the attention of observers, who pointed to the new gay policy, among other things, and Nelson’s speech in which he proclaimed that the clampdown reflected “the mind of the Lord and the will of the Lord” given to President Thomas S. Monson.

“Each of us during that sacred moment felt a spiritual confirmation,” Nelson said. “It was our privilege as apostles to sustain what had been revealed to President Monson.”

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