The iconic insignia for Brigham Young University built over a hundred years ago has been vandalized according to witnesses on Sunday, June 21.

The witnesses reported seeing a huge red upside-down cross from the top of the Y. The officials found four one-gallon of red paint at the scene.

According to the school newspaper, Daily Universe, there are 2 suspects involved for the crime, and one of them was already arrested by the authorities thanks to the witnesses and additional camera footage.

The red paint was quickly covered by the BYU Paint Shop right after the incident was reported. The cost of the repair, including paint and labor, is $2,000 and will be fined to both of the suspects.

This is the second BYU monument to be vandalized after the Brigham Young’s statue incident.

Police are still searching for the people involved for the Brigham Young statue as well as the other suspect for the Y Mountain.

If you have information on the vandalism, please report it to the university police department at 801-422-4222.

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