By 예수 그리스도 후기 성도 교회
Seoul, South Korea
​”My friend is like a teacher. It teaches me. I have learned a lot from these friends and they have a good influence. I think if I had not been friends, I would not go to church hard. I have a lot of will. I want to say that I love my friends. “

​Anyang Ward prospective missionary, Park In-soo. Anyang ward (from left to right) Jung Jae Hoon, Ji Young Jung, Park InSou, An Kang Woong Wang, and Tae Hoon Kim are now new young single graduates from high school. These five brothers and sisters spent their teenage years in a ward, submitted a missionary recommendation, and were recently called full – time missionaries.

In late January and early February 2017, we plan to leave the mission. Through regional priorities in 2017, all members in North Asia were encouraged to strengthen their growing generation, both member and non-member. Not only are the growing generation of parents and youth leaders obedient to these counseling efforts, but also strengthening the growing generation themselves, their friends and juniors. These are the five brothers of Anyang ward.

Brother Kim Tae-hoon, who converted when he was in the third grade of junior high school, says that his friends had a lot of influence in serving as a missionary. “I came to church and really loved the gospel and I knew I had a responsibility to share the gospel. These friends who were at that time told me that they were going to missionary work, and I had a desire to serve as a missionary. ”

​Waiting for the day to be admitted to the Missionary Training Center, these five preliminary missionaries are studying together to preach my gospel and are preparing for missionary work. Sometimes when there is doubt in the life of the gospel, when there is no courage to do what is right, give each other answers, comfort and encouragement.

They also remember and appreciate the efforts their friends made for themselves. Brother Seo Young-young remembers what other four friends visited him during the time that he neglected the church for a moment. “I suddenly came and gave a gift. I feel burdened, but honestly I have a lot of heart. “Park In-soo tells about the good influence Brother Kim had. “The faithful attitude of Taehoon, the convertor, is a good example for us. There is an attitude that is faithful to the Gospel and always learns. When I pursue something moderately good, Tae Hoon is seeking the best. ”

These five prospective missionaries feel responsible as the great brother of the youth. So, they strive to set an example in every aspect, such as speech and language. Brother Jung Jae Hoon said this. “It’s been less than a year since we’ve merged into several wards and we’ve been wondering if the five of us, the youngest of the youth, are going to be missionaries at once, We also needed a long time and help to unite. I think that it is the greatest role and duty that we have to do to help strengthen and unite teenagers and youths. ”

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