By 예수 그리스도 후기 성도 교회​
Seoul, South Korea
​Several ward branches throughout the country are looking for opportunities to look around and share Christ’s love during the New Year’s holidays.

​As part of this effort, on December 16, the staff of the Korean government headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the worshipers of the Shin-dang ward held a “Kimchi-sharing event” in the Shin-dang ward. In celebration of Christmas, the event was organized to immerse the kimchi together and share it with the neighbors in need, while looking for ways to practice the love of Christ and its employees.

Employees and missionaries of the Administration Division divided Joe, pickled cabbage, packed Kimchi and packed it, and Kimchi dipped on the day was delivered to the difficult neighbors through Shindangdong and Donghwadong Residents’ Center.

Participation in this event was voluntary participation beyond religion. Religious Federation-URI members helped with this event with the know-how gained from the annual Kimchi Sharing event. In addition, Shindang-dong residents (69), who passed by on the day of the event, participated in the sharing event, saying, “I was in front of the church and had a banner attached to the event.

Brother Gil Yoon-seok of the family service who performed the event said, “Everyone was happy to participate. I feel good when I see the finished kimchi. I would especially like to share it with those who need it, so I would like to share with them the joy of Christmas and our friendship. ”

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