By Mormon Newsroom
Davao City, Philippines

​LDS Charities has responded to the urgent needs of those affected by the Marawi conflict by providing 2,250 sleeping essentials kits, 2,250 kitchen essentials kits and 1,500 hygiene kits.

Sleeping essentials include mats, blankets and mosquito nets. Kitchen essentials include frying pans, stock pots, plates, utensils, cups and Thermos for hot water. Hygiene kits include plastic pails, plastic dippers, laundry soaps, bath soaps, toothpaste and sanitary pads.

The items are being air shipped to Cagayan de Oro then transported by truck to a church meetinghouse in Iligan. They are then unloaded, put together into kits and loaded on trucks for distribution. The manpower to unload, prepare kits and load for distribution is being provided by Mormon Helping Hands volunteers.

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