By Deseret News
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Church leaders recently surprised the Church’s only branch in Nepal with copies of the first Nepali translation of the Book of Mormon.
Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles brought the books with Elder Randy D. Funk, a General Authority Seventy and the Asia Area president, and President Kirt Hodges, president of the India New Delhi Mission. They shared their experience during an interview after a district conference in New Dehli a few days later.

“When President Hodges held up the book and said, ‘We have here the printed copy of the Book of Mormon in Nepali,’ there was an audible gasp,” Elder Funk said. “The members were just so happy.”

Still, they needed a few minutes to get used to the idea.

“Five members of that branch were involved in either the translation team or the ecclesiastical review team,” Elder Christofferson said, “so we called them up at the beginning of the meeting and presented each one a letter of appreciation I had signed as chairman of the Scriptures Committee and a copy of the new translation.

“They had not seen the actual product of their labors until that moment.”

The leaders also brought an additional gift, a hardbound leather copy for the branch to keep at the pulpit for use in Sunday worship services.

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