By Moroni Channel News
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

The Cypress Stake Center in Tomball will become a command post for the cleanup efforts according to Deseret News. “Supplies had not yet arrived but volunteers ​were taking all the clothes, food and baby items collected during the meetinghouse’s time as a temporary shelter to donate to emergency first responders’ families who have lost everything in Harvey” according to the newsroom.
Members of the church are currently working for non-profit organization in helping the victims in the affected area.

They are helping residents to evacuate and provide temporary shelter. LDS Church leaders in the area have offered the use of church buildings. There are at least three meetinghouse that are currently used as a temporary shelter for evacuees.

Hundreds of Mormon Helping Hands volunteers are expected to turn out Thursday in the Houston area for cleanup, as well as farther south in Corpus Christi on Saturday. – Deseret News

News Released by Deseret News
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