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​Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

As Hurricane Harvey strengthens off the coast of Texas, Mormons are preparing to send food and other commodities to Houston. High winds and flooding could result from the hurricane that is expected to hit the middle Texas coast and stall over the state.
On Friday, August 25, 2017, workers at the Bishops’ Central Storehouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were busy loading pallets of water and other life-sustaining supplies on several trucks in Salt Lake City.

“We received a call from our headquarters, and they have asked us if we would put together some loads to go down and actually pre-position some of these supplies in that area,” said John Hopkins, manager of the Bishops’ Central Storehouse.

Three trucks left Friday morning for the bishops’ storehouse in Houston in case there is a natural disaster in Texas and residents need assistance.

“This is an opportunity, even though it’s a very adverse situation and there will be people affected adversely, but this allows us all to come together,” said Hopkins. “It’ll just simply be a community effort, and I’m grateful to be part of that, to be able to provide that assistance.”

Food and other supplies, stored at the state-of-the-art facility on Salt Lake City’s west side, are used to administer to the poor and needy through the Church’s welfare and humanitarian programs.

“I know when these supplies come, they’re going to be received in a gracious way,” added Hopkins.

The bishops’ storehouse in Houston is one of more than 130 storehouses owned by the Church around the world. Those in need can receive assistance with the recommendation of a local bishop or Relief Society president.

The welfare program is funded by donations from Church members.

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