By: Moroni Channel News
​Salt Lake City Utah, USA
In West Jordan a woman died after drowning in a rafting accident during an LDS youth trip in Snake River, Idaho.
Church spokesman Eric Hawkins said that Sister Pamela Solomon fell from the raft while having a youth activity. In spite of wearing a life vest and quickly pulled out of the water she died because she had swallowed a significant amount of water. Church spokesman released the following statement:

“Sister Solomon was a beloved Young Women’s president and we mourn with her family and the members of her congregation as they face this tragic loss,” Hawkins said.

She was transported to a hospital in Jackson Wyoming where she died. The church provides the following information when an accident strikes on a youth activity.

Safety Precautions
Activities should involve minimal risk of injury or illness to participants. Activities should also involve minimal risk of damage to property. During activities, leaders make every effort to ensure safety. By planning effectively and following safety precautions, leaders can minimize the risk of accidents.

Activities should include appropriate training and proper supervision. They should also be appropriate for the participants’ age and maturity.

Leaders should be prepared for emergencies that may occur. They should also know in advance how to contact local law enforcement and emergency services.

Accident Response
If an accident or injury occurs on Church property or during a Church-sponsored activity, leaders observe the following guidelines, as applicable:

  1. Render first aid. If a person needs medical care beyond simple first aid, contact emergency medical services, the bishop or stake president, and the parent, guardian, or other next of kin.
  2. In case of a missing person or fatality, immediately notify local law enforcement authorities and cooperate fully with them.
  3. Provide emotional support.
  4. Do not encourage or discourage legal action against the Church, and do not make commitments on behalf of the Church.
  5. Gather and preserve witness names and information, accounts of what happened, and photographs.

Accident Reporting
The bishop or stake president should be notified promptly if:

  1. An accident, injury, or illness occurs on Church property or during a Church-sponsored activity.
  2. A person who was participating in a Church-sponsored activity is missing.
  3. Damage to private, public, or Church property occurs during a Church-sponsored activity.

If a person has been seriously injured or is missing, if property has been seriously damaged, or if legal action is threatened or anticipated, the stake president (or a bishop under his direction), promptly takes one of the following actions:

  1. In the United States or Canada, he notifies the Risk Management Division at Church headquarters (1-801-240-4049 or 1-800-453-3860, extension 2-4049; after business hours or on weekends, call 1-801-240-1000 or 1-800-453-3860, and the operator will contact someone immediately).
  2. Outside the United States and Canada, he notifies the area office.

Leaders also report injuries and damage involving Church facilities or property to the facilities manager.

Insurance and Questions
Leaders should review the applicability of the Church Activity Insurance Program if an injury occurred during a Church-sponsored activity, event, or assignment. For information about insurance, see 13.6.9.

The stake president (or a bishop under his direction) refers questions about safety issues or claims against the Church to the Risk Management Division or to the area office.

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