As part of Trump’s visit in Utah, the President toured the Church’s welfare square with key church leaders. According to Deseret News LDS Church leaders and Donald Trump along with Sen Orrin Hatch, discussed religious liberty and church welfare programs.

President Eyring also told Donald Trump that the food and materials found and produced at Welfare Square will help care for those in need. 

“This is simply an example of what we do across the world, the idea being that we think we have an obligation to God to look out for the people who, without our aid, have tragedy in their lives, be it poverty or hunger.”

During the visit President Eyring presented Trump with a Christus statue.

“This is very exciting for me,” said President Trump in Deseret News. “The job you’ve done is beyond anything you could think of — taking care of people the way you take care of people and the respect that you have all over the world.”

Elder Nelson and President Eyring have confirmed that they also shared church doctrines with Trump during their discussion of Religious Liberty.

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