By Moroni Channel News
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Philippines celebrates the creation of the 100th stake in the country. The Philippines is the 5th country in the world to reach 100 stakes along USA, Mexico, Brazil and Peru.
In celebration to this wonderful event selected stakes from the Philippines performed in a cultural show named ‘Upon the Isles of the Sea’. The show was held in Kia Theatre around 6 p.m. where the new stake will be formed.

Deseret News was in the scene and have confirmed the presence of Elder Neil L. Andersen on the said theatre.

We will never forget this night. I hope you won’t either. ​What do you learn from these kinds of experiences? You learn of all that is good about life. – Neil L. ​Andersen

Photo taken by Deseret News
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