By The Salt Lake Tribune
​Many Utah Muslims woke up Wednesday to “broken hearts and crying eyes” after the electoral victory of Donald Trump and a presidential campaign that repeatedly aimed threats and suspicions at their community.

Reactions ranged from shock, sadness and disappointment to a sharp sense of betrayal that large numbers of Utahns — many of them Mormons — supported the Republican candidate despite his inflammatory and stereotyping comments about Islam.

For some, decades of feeling safe in the state and viewing it as a welcoming place evaporated in a day with the Republican’s 47 percent-to-28-percent election margin over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“My fear level has gone from 100 to 1,000 overnight,” said Noor Ul-Hasan, a Muslim and longtime Utahn heavily involved in community, political and interfaith efforts. “I did not expect it at all, not to this degree.

“I feel that the Mormons in this state did not have my back,” said Ul-Hasan, who was a delegate to the this year’s Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton claimed the party’s nomination.

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