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MCH abbreviation for Moroni Channel, publish articles regularly. We hope that our readers will enjoy reading our articles to its fullest. We provide fresh articles from church members and feature real-life stories of their trials, conversion, missionary work, and personal experiences. We also provide our readers with family-centered topics, entertainment, church teachings, Mormon lifestyle, Mormon answers, youth-centered topics, and lots more.
We at Moroni Channel need more new ideas and articles from church members that can help our content remain uplifting, edifying, and relevant. If you are interested in writing for Moroni Channel, here are the possible volunteer opportunities.
An MCH Writer writes articles about family, entertainment, lifestyle, faith, youth, missionaries, and more. Articles from our writers normally have at least 250 words and can have several thousand words.
An MCH Reporter writes, reports news, conducts interviews, engages in research, and publishes news reports. MCH Reporters normally write articles. They read church-related news and events, gain information from other sources, and publish it on our news website.
An MCH Columnist is someone who writes an article that offers commentary and opinions. They normally write blogs and take the form of a short essay by a specific writer who offers a personal point of view.
Contributing Editor
An MCH Contributor is a freelance writer who can’t write or submit their works regularly due to lack of time. The contributing editor would regularly contribute articles but does not actually edit articles. Here, the title “editor” implies a certain prestige level, rather than a more traditional editing role.
If you are interested in being part of our writers’ team, click here.
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