By Tracey Ferrin, Moroni Channel
Rockledge, Florida USA


Neither are for the perfect. ​If that were the case both would be empty. ​Both places should have a sign on the front door that says, “perfect doesn’t exist here, come in and meet us. We are more alike then you think.”

​They are both for those who are looking to become better. Better spiritually. Better mentally. Better physically. They are both meant to be a break from “the world.” A place to forget our worries and focus on becoming better. We enter one way and leave another. I could be in the nastiest mood but after being inside the doors my attitude changes and I leave a better person.

We all have different experiences and knowledge which is why we all have different starting points.

At church and the gym a new person might feel a bit overwhelmed, not knowing where to start. All they know is changes need to be made.

What could an already member do? Make them feel welcome by introducing herself. Ask questions. Be a friend. Yep, that means we have to step outside ourselves.

The important thing is to keep moving forward. Once we stop moving, we regress and coming back is much harder. It’s much easier to maintain then to start all over.

Never feel out of place! Church and the gym are for everyone. If someone wants to be all judgy, let them. That’s a reflection of them not you.

Let those who are doing a little bit better, inspire you. If you see someone struggling, offer help. We were all new at one point!

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