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What is Moroni Channel Photography?

Moroni Channel Photography is a group of people who volunteered to take pictures for our Writers to use in their Articles.

High Quality
Pictures for our
​Audience to see

Moroni Channel Photographers Association is composed of volunteer members of the Church who take pictures for our writers to use.


Meet our Photographers

Christian Nielsen 

Christian Nielsn is a 17 year old photographer from Utah. His specialty is in Astro, nightscape and landscape photograph. He also do portraiture work.

Romrik Joshua Flores

Romrik Joshua Flores is a 15 year old Instagramer from the Philippines who captures things that most of us think is unuseful. Most of his pictures are taken in the Philippines

James Turner

James Turner is a Photographer from Utah, He is the first member of Moroni Channel Photographers Association, He takes picture in wide variety such as Temples, Flowers, Landscape and More.
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