By: Francesco DeVito, Moroni Channel Reader
United States Of America

When I was 23 years old I prayed to know if there was a true church on the face of the earth. I prayed to know and be given witness if Jesus Christ was indeed the savior of the world. I prayed to know the nature of God and all things relevant to my understanding of the truthfulness of all things. I prayed for many hours. Throughout my prayer I felt impressions and heard as it were a still small voice.

My prayer being directed to the God of all. The great creator God. I offered to God that if there were not some church that was closest to his heart and if there were no man who knew him more than any other that I would serve him as he answered my prayer and revealed to me the truths which I sought of him. After praying this mighty prayer over the course of some eight hours I rose from my knees and sought to go about my day. The feeling of the spirit was very strong (as you might imagine). I found myself deeply impressed by the peace of the spirit. That day I was scheduled to register for school at Fullerton College in California. My cousin was going to attend there as well and she was going to pick me up that morning so that we could register. I prepared for my day after my prayer and awaited her arrival. At the time she was supposed to meet me I heard a honk outside. I ran out the door and locked the door behind me. I almost immediately realized I did not have my keys. I knew everyone else in the house would be up by the time I returned so I rushed along out the gate of my apartments. When I got outside I found the street unusually quiet. The sun was so bright and beautiful and it was a very pretty day. But my cousin was not there! As soon as I began to wonder at where she might be I heard what I know now to be the still small voice. It stated clearly "she is not coming, she is safe, you should walk". I thought for a moment that it would be crazy to follow such a prompting. I prayed to God and offered that I would follow these impressions in faith that it was he who offered them. As I walked my eyes were opened in powerful ways. I witnessed life. Everything seemed to be teaming with life force. I was connected to all of it and it spoke to me in perfect understanding. I recall seeing bugs and plant life seemingly testify of all they were with their presence alone. The same was true for people as well only as I walked passed homes and vehicles my soul felt kinship and my heart heard them. I do not know how else to describe it. I was walking with God. As I walked the impressions and still small voice turned to conversation with God. I was impressed to go an alternate route then directly to school and I ended up at California State University Fullerton.

The conversation with God took on a sort of presents and question. He asked me "what do you see" as I looked upon the many students transitioning around the campus. I answered him that I saw people becoming something with themselves. I saw that there were many reasons and motives and paths that these people were taking.

"What would you be?" I pondered that for a long moment. I walked around thinking about it deeply. I concluded that I wanted to know what the Lord would have me be. I expressed that to him. I stated that he being God and having greater witness of truth than all of us combined would know best who I was and what I could be. I asked him what he would have me be. Then I pondered the situation a little more. I felt this might be crazy but it was worth investigating.

After all I was communing with the God of all. I saw across the street fro me a bible college and recalling an offer a minister friend had made to me to attend such a school I thought ah ha! I will go to bible college and ministerial school and I will learn your word as a scholar and surely you will guide me along the path. As soon as I thought this a feeling came over me as though I had put a spoon full of mud in my fresh glass of clean water. The answer to that thought being obvious to me to be in the negative I prayed.

I offered that if not that than what? I apologized too for feeling frustrated and offered that I must get to school and that I was sure he would inspire and guide me to my answers. I thanked him and began to carry on my way. I marveled at how awesome it had been to have such real experience with God. Along my way I stood at the intersection of Titan and Nutwood streets. I have somewhat imperfect vision and did not have my glasses on but when I raised my head and looked across Nutwood I saw a small yellow brick building. As I looked upon the building and a sign that said Jesus Christ Student Center my whole person lit up. When I say lit up I mean every particle of my being was alighted with a fire and brightness that shone in awesome recognition. I knew with a surety that this was the answer to my prayers. As the walk sign turned to cross I looked down and inventoried my steps. To me they were the biggest steps of my life. Though I took no great steps at all. When I stepped up on the curb outside of the building I looked up and witnessed the sign again.

This time I could see it read The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Student Center. My head shot straight to heaven and I exclaimed allowed MORMONS?! I dropped to a knee and untied a shoe.

I began to pray aloud as I pretended to tie my shoe. I pleaded with God, please do not let me be deceived! I heard a bell and total peace came over me at the resonating of it. Upon the resonation of the bell I heard a voice state "It is true, go forth in faith!". I began to pray again pleading that the Lord not let me be deceived and again exactly as the first "It is true, go forth in faith!". I testified to the Lord that I would go in this building not knowing what but that I was practicing faith in him. When I went inside I stood in the foyer and examined a painting depicting Jesus knocking on a door and several others which seemed almost like Native American depictions of people and some with Christ among them. I found it curious. An older woman with a name tag that identified her as Sister Williams was talking with a young lady. She looked at me and let me know she would talk to me in a moment. When she began she asked me if I was meeting some one there. I replied that I was not sure. She then asked if I was a student. I responded by asking, a student of what? She looked at me funny and asked if I attended university. I informed her that I was a student at the college down the street. She asked if I was meeting the missionaries. To which I replied, maybe that is it! She looked at me square and curiously asked, "what brings you here today?" I looked her in the eye and responded with knowing certainty that the spirit of God led me here today! She quizzed me with a look and then stated, "let me show you around!". I did. I enjoyed the company and opportunity which I had to spend with this sister, the Institute President and the students and teachers that came and went. Most of it seems like a blur. It went so fast. But I remember the powerful spirit and I remember when she showed me the library. She opened the door to the library and I fell in the doorway. I caught myself with a hand on the door frame and rested against it. In a moment all of my energy was sapped out of me. In that moment I had a vision. In that vision I saw a world and in that same presentation and question method which the Lord had used earlier he revealed to me. I saw a world and the world was covered in sea and the sea was all of the questions of everything of life. And I saw land rise up out of the sea and it was answers to all of the questions.

From this came forth a new sea which were questions from the new knowledge and rising from it were answers to all of the questions and questions and answers and on and on in myriads of intelligence.

It was my first glimpse into eternity and the Glory of God. After this I sat quickly on a chair behind me. I informed the sister that I had to leave. I asked her if I could use her library. She informed that I could use the institute library anytime that they were open. I determined to leave and I did. I walked out the doors and not moments later I was trying to light a cigarette and figure our just what had happened back there. It began to pour such heavy rain that I could not light a cigarette. They would get soaked through as soon as I pulled them from the pack. I was in awe and amazed and d
id not know exactly how to interpret the power of this day. I walked so quickly toward the college I was supposed to be at that I was nearly running. I stopped outside of a little church and dodged the rain under an awning outside of the St. Joseph's. I lit a cigarette and began to calm down. No sooner did I begin to ponder the situation than a car pulled up at the curb. They honked and seemed to be waiving at me. It was raining so heavy it was hard to tell. I walked out and found it was my cousin. I got in the car and stated, you would not believe today! We went and registered for school. I went about my business as usual.

​A few days later the missionaries showed up at my door. It's been a conversions story ever since.

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