By: Adrian Pangalangan, Moroni Channel Philippines Administrator
Published: Thursday, April 28 2016; 6:19 a.m. DMT 

Adrian D. Pangalangan | Philippines“As told by Brother Adrian

Pangalangan  himself.”

First of all I’m Adrian D. Pangalangan one of the Administrator of Moroni Channel Philippines. And I witnesses the conversion and Testimony of my Family.Picnic, Traveling, and attending masses, these are some our daily routine when we we’re still a Catholic. A blessing to the family a Joyful and Peaceful life back then, with the help of my Aunt Rowena Mendez my dad’s sister and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint , she taught us about the Gospel, we knew that she is a strong person. She provides most of our need; But it is not a factor why we became a member  of the Church.

She invited missionaries from Ward 3, Tarlac Philippine Stake and started to teach my Family. As new to the Gospel, we’ve been hiding for months from the missionaries, we are making a lot of excuses such as going to the market at night just to escape the Missionaries. And it continues for up to 3 months.

Until the day when Heavenly Father’s plan for my family began, A stormy evening when we heard that a Typhoon will be hitting the Philippines The missionaries also have an appointment to teach us, All are now setup for our escape plan  (as family Routine when missionaries come, hide and run to Grandpa’s house) but when we almost hit the road  we suddenly saw three missionary, walking on the street towards our house, all wet, without shoes (just to protect their shoes they put it to their bags) and only one of them carry an umbrella and they shared it together, as the wind blushing towards them,  our Hearts felt compassion to the missionaries and think for a moment  what kind of people they are, they sacrifice their time, their work, their family, their wealth and everything just to preach us the Gospel and to serve God. I won’t forget that night, the fact that we are avoiding them, they did not forget to serve our family. It became a lesson to my family, from that night onward; we always welcome the missionaries and members to our house. After weeks of consecutive appointments, we’ve been baptized to “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”, May 24, 2008.

Though we face a lot of struggles in life.  My family and I are now sealed in the Temple for TIME & ETERNITY.

Sister Fatu, Sister Delambotique and Sister Banaga.         

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