By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
Published: Wednesday, April 20 2016 3:00 a.m. DMT


Let us pray for our children especially our youth, they have battles to be fought and won and enemies to fight and conquer. Bless them, guide them, and direct them. They have certain missions they must perform and accomplish to further the work of the Almighty here on earth in the kingdom and church of God. And even if they error and go astray a hour, or for a season, down crooked and winding paths, walking in the mist of darkness that in that day that they might remember thee O Lord and return unto their God. That they might feel of God’s love and the love we and their parents have for them, and take their proper place and station in the kingdom and be blest from on high. That they may be built up and raised up, and again dwell in righteousness and tarry in truth. That they will be strengthen and partake of the precious white fruit, that is so delicious above all, the love of God. And even though, that those in the high, large and spacious building, do point and shake their fingers to mock, scorn and scoff that they may stand, not to falter or fall, but putting on the whole armor of God might remain standing, that they may have the victory and the triumph over all there foes and all their enemies that the kingdom of God may go forth and be built up throughout the whole earth.
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