By Moroni Channel Entertainment
Salt Lake City Utah, USA
After his return from mission in Chile David Archuleta released his newest song Numb. The song was written by David Archuleta, Trent Dabbs and producer Jamie Kenney. The  video was directed by Tarek Kasmiand debuted Thursday Nov. 3 2016.

“It was during the time that I returned from my mission trip of two years in Chile. I was trying to get accustomed back to becoming a performer and an artist, and getting back into the whole business of it,” Archuleta tells Billboard. “It was hard and really challenging, and I was wondering if I even wanted to keep doing it, and I was having a really hard time. I was really missing Chile and doing something that really wasn’t about me. It was so much the opposite, and what can I do for other people and helping them in whatever way. I was just missing the people I was with.”

“David Archuleta has produced religious music and collaborated with the Church and artists like James the Mormon, but he hasn’t released a solo pop song—until now,” LDS Living told their audience.

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