While we know that the prophet has commanded us to refrain from using the word “Mormon” to focus more on the Savior, we still can’t expect everyone to follow them. Netizens went out on Reddit to share the most Mormon thing they’ve seen someone do, and we hope that this will bring you laughter—rather than stress because they used the “M-word”.

Here are some of the top-voted responses:

1. “A few friends and I (three guys in total) helped a friend try to jumpstart her car when it died near a gas station. Lady came up to me and genuinely asked me if we were the three Nephites.” —u/Avenging_Odin

2. “I went on a date with a newly RM. He prayed at dinner. Outloud. In a restaurant. Then we knelt in prayer after dinner as we gave a BoM to a woman at a hospital (that was the date). Then prayed again (or he did) to thank God for the beauty of the Christmas lights of the city. Prayer count: 3.” —u/ruhthn2

3. “Sometimes my mom would accidentally buy sports drinks with green tea in them from Costco and my dad would throw them all out.” —u/taddata

4.  “People who take notes during church. Like do they think there’s a quiz they have to study for?” —u/milyvanily

5. “Ward mission leader: ‘I know your wife is not a member , but she is still a good person.'” —u/deleteduser

6. “Tremble with an unnerving, intense certainty while testifying they know the church is true.” —u/GlassDarkly81

7. “Destroy her brand new Madonna cassette tape because “Satan made her buy it”. I was horrified because I wanted that tape so badly.” —u/JennNextDoor

Images: Intellectual Reserve, Inc. and Pixabay

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