On a hot August day in Southern Utah just outside of Zion National Park one hundred teens wake up early to catch a bus and a jeep up to the top of a butte surrounded by the stunning cliffs of Zion National Park. There they met world-renown tenor Nathan Pacheco to film a video that just might touch your heart. In a world of self-centered negativity, it’s rare that social media gets used to lift and inspire gratitude but that is exactly what this video “What A Wonderful World” is all about.

Lyceum Music Festival is all about bringing the best young musicians, LDS and otherwise, together with industry-leading musicians. The young musicians you see in the video are 14 to 21 years old and come from across the country. We spent a week together just outside Zion National Park rehearsing and working with Utah Symphony players to prepare a professional concert at the stunning OC Tanner Amphitheater with Nathan Pacheco. It was a life-changing experience for some teens. Sometimes all it takes to inspire a young person is to find that role model who has “made it” and who is willing to help another find their own path to success.

What A Wonderful World: 

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