Whether you’re a fan of pop music or not you’ve most probably heard of David Archuleta, Claire Ryann and Lindsey Stirling. The hip-hop violinist have impressed the entertainment industry with her exceptional talent. David Archuleta also made a comeback when he had his concert at Kia Theatre in the Philippines. And Claire made an appearance on Ellen four times. The three musicians have inspired the world in their unique ways. But there are a lot of LDS Musicians who have also light the world this 2017. Here are the 10 musicians (including them) who have inspired the world with their music.

10. Caleb Spjute

A rising young pianist in Murray Utah performed on Moroni Channel’s the Spirit of Music this 2017, being the youngest performer in the program Caleb began playing the piano at age 4. At that time he had no teacher to teach him so Her mother Becca gave him a beginners book where he learned middle C, D and E. When asked by Moroni Channel how it all started he replied:

“…my mom just had some piano method books she got from the neighbor, so I just started reading through them and teaching myself.  I guess I was pretty good at teaching myself and I just went through 5 levels of piano method books in a couple of months and I would play anything I could get my hands on.  When I was 6 my mom tried to find a piano teacher for me but no one would take a 6 year old.  My mom sent an email to the university and a professor at the university who was also a concert pianist asked me to come play for her.  I must have done alright because she agreed to teach me and I have been with her ever since.  I learned so much with her to improve my playing.  Before I was just playing the notes however I wanted with whatever fingers, but she has taught me the correct way to play with the right fingerings.​​”


9. Monica Scott

Not only Monica Scott is a great musician, she is also a great mom that had recently performed on the Spirit of Music by Moroni Channel. Monica is an acclaimed LDS Muscian and YouTuber who specializes on composing and arranging children hymns. She was also dubbed as The Children’s Pianist in her recent interview with Moroni Channel Entertainment. According to her website Scott first learned to play the violin before piano became her interest. When asked by Moroni Channel what inspires her to play the piano she responds:

Playing the piano has always been an outlet for me. I love putting my feelings into my music on the piano. I began writing music because I love to be able to create and express what’s in my heart.”

Watch her performance on Moroni Channel below:


8. Nick Sales

Nick Sales gone trending after he released his own rendition of If you Could Hie to Kolob last 2016.  Nick is also a videographer who works for several popular musicians like One Voice Children’s Choir and Madilyn Paige. Although he haven’t released any music videos this year, his past videos have still an impact to us and that’s why he made the list. Sales currently have a million followers in his social media accounts. You can watch his rendition of If You could Hie to Kolob below:


7. Madilyn Paige

An LDS teenager and a singer-song writer from Provo Utah. She recently made an appearance on LDS FacetoFace together with Lexi Walker, Nicole Luz, and Beyond 5 Patch Crowe where they answered questions from LDS Youths across the globe. Paige currently have 11 million views and a hundred thousand subscribers on her YouTube account.


6. Lexi Walker

Together with Madilyn Paige, Lexi Walker was also in this year’s LDS FacetoFace answering questions from LDS Youth worldwide. Known for her exceptional voice, she currently have 12.7 million views on YouTube. Lexi Walker was a former member of One Voice Children’s Choir where she gained exposure and experience at a very young age. The 15 year old young lady also went viral after playing the role of Elsa with Alex Boye in their cover of Let it Go. The video currently have 91 million views on YouTube.


5. BYU Noteworthy

Noteworthy is a nine female member a cappella group based in Provo Utah. All members attend Brigham Young University and are members of the LDS Church. They first appeared on NBC’s The Sing-Off in 2009. Noteworthy is the female version of the popular male a cappella group Vocal Point. Their recent cover of When You Believe from the Prince of Egypt received numerous support across the globe. Noteworthy currently have 43 million views on YouTube as of 2017.


4. BYU Vocal Point

Founded by students in 1991, Vocal Point is a nine member male group based in Provo Utah. Same as Noteworthy, Vocal Point are all students of Brigham Young University and are members of the LDS Church. Their medley of Beauty and the Beast which was released this year received support from both members and non-members of the church and currently have 4.2 million views. Vocal Point’s YouTube channel currently have 48.8 million views and 280 thousand subscribers.


3. Claire Ryann

Claire Ryann a rising young singer best known for her Disney covers. Claire had also appeared in Ellen Show several times. Her YouTube Channel now have 146 million views and 800 thousand subscribers. When asked by Deseret News why she likes singing she said:

 “Because I just like to sing with my soul. It makes me feel happy.”

Watch her cover of How Far I’ll Go below:


2. David Archuleta

David Archuleta is back after making a huge comeback in the entertainment industry. This year, Archuleta released his newest album Postcards in the Sky. He had also released two new singles Up All Night and Invincible prior to the released of his album. Archuleta had also toured the Philippines and had appeared in several TV programs in the Philippines.


1. Lindsey Stirling

Among all the LDS Musicians, Lindsey Stirling have the most achievement this year. She released her new Christmas album, finished second in Dancing with the Stars, tour across the country and her album Brave Enough won the award for Best Dance/Electronic Album this 2017. According to new reports her album made its peak at no. 1. a few days before the Billboard Music Awards. Lindsey Stirling is by far the most popular LDS Muscian in terms of subscribers and views on YouTube having over 10.2 million subscribers and 2 billion views in all her videos.


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Josh Flores is a writer for Moroni Channel. He studies commercial law at De La Salle University and served his mission in Japan.
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