The Church-sponsored institution, Ensign College, will not make it mandatory for its students to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a statement released by the college, it affirms that “with a return to regular hours of operation, Ensign College will follow guidelines from Church headquarters regarding vaccinations for students, staff and faculty. All are strongly encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccination; however, it is not mandated, nor will it be monitored.”

The announcement was made in accordance with an earlier statement released by the church in its stance to vaccination:

“As appropriate opportunities become available, the Church urges its members, employees, and missionaries to be good global citizens and help quell the pandemic by safeguarding themselves and others through immunization,” the First Presidency said in a statement.

“Individuals are responsible to make their own decisions about vaccination. In making that determination, we recommend that, where possible, they counsel with a competent medical professional about their personal circumstances and needs.”

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