By: Jeremy Bowman, Contributor
United States of America


​We are lost and our natures are carnal and sensuous not because we’re bad, but because Adam partook of the fruit. That was a necessary part of the Plan of Happiness. Christ has atoned for ALL the effects of the fall. So, WHY after all this time do we speak of and point out to others the weakness and shortcomings of others as if it’s a News Flash that so-in-so is not perfect.
There are 2 things I absolutely know about every person (including me) on the earth.

1. We are all 100% fallen (spiritually and physically cut off from God)

​2. We are all 100% sons or daughters of God. That makes it impossible for anyone to be “better” or “worse” than another – generally speaking.

No one should be judged or defined by their weakness and shortcomings of the flesh. The truth of who we are can more accurately be measured by the earnest core desires it end loves of our heart and what we are striving to become and overcome. And when it comes to those desires and motives I think it would please the Savior greatly if we always gave others the benefit of the doubt in those areas. Only God truly knows the thoughts and intents of out hearts. He given us the gift of time to work things out. Who are we, then, to deny that God given time to others and decide to condemn instead of being grateful God continues to grant them and most importantly ourselves more time and opportunity to repent. The scripture says, when we come unto Christ he shows us our own weakness. It does not say when we come into Christ he will show you the faults and weaknesses of others. Satan has been the great accuser from the beginning. I have fallen prey to this at times and I’m grateful I get a good chastening when I do.
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