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The entire Washington D.C. Temple, including the entrance and scenery.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is known throughout the World, it is best known for its outstanding and Good Moral Members but did you know that there are a little known Facts about the church? Some of you might already know some of the Facts that I included, but Most of you don’t so, here’s 10 Amazing Facts about Mormons.

1. Salt Lake Temple ranks 15 at America’s top tourist attraction.

The Salt Lake Temple took 40 years to build, but did you know it ranks as Top 15 Most Popular Tourist Attraction in America? In an article by “The Travel Zone” they considered the Temple Square as Top 15 out of 25 Most visited Tourist Attraction in the United States. The Temple Square attracts more than 5 Million tourist every Year making it the most Popular Attraction in The State.

2. ​The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was dubbed as the America’s Choir by President Reagan.

​The Choir was dubbed as The America’s Choir by The Former President of The United States President Reagan, after they performed for the President in 1981 The President told the audience

“At my first inauguration as president of the United States, I wanted very much to reignite the fires of liberty and re-inspire the American spirit. And no one sings the anthems of America quite like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.” Reagan continued, “The Choir’s singing was a highlight of our inauguration, as we knew it would be. I’m sure I speak for all Americans when I say thank you for saying so well what all of us feel about this land of the free and home of the brave. There is no more inspirational moment for any American—and that includes Ronald Reagan—than to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing ‘Glory, glory, hallelujah, His truth is marching on.”

The Choir also won several prestigious awards including Grammy awards, Emmy Awards, Freedom foundation The George Washington Award, The Mother Theresa Award and etc. And also the choir’s weekly radio and television program has been on the air longer than any other show in the history of broadcasting.

3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ranks as top 11 most Popular Christian Sect in the world.

​The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is considered as one of the fastest growing Christian Sect in the world with more than 1 million members every three years . Quarter of the church Membership are all converts.

​4. The Twilight Series is actually about an LDS belief in eternal marriage.

​Every Teenager’s including me loves to read and watch the Twilight Series, but did you know that the concept of the story is about Temple Sealing? The Bond of Edward and Bella was eternally sealed  After Edward bites Bella, same thing as we believe in Temple Sealing we believe that after we are sealed in the Temple we will spend time and eternity with our Families even in the afterlife.

5. ​The Granite Mountain which ranks as Top 10 most Safest Building in the world is owned by the Church.

​Granite Mountain, one of the most Secured Building in the World is owned by the church. The purpose of the building is to safely compiled all the Genealogical records of our ancestors. It is recorded that the church has the World’s Largest Database of the Human Race with almost 2.4 Million rolls of Microfilm and 1 Million microfiche This equals about three billion pages of family history records; The church also have a Family History Program, where everyone even not in the faith can search their ancestors.

6. ​The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is the oldest singing group in America.

​The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was founded in 1847 making it the oldest Singing Group in America. The Choir was founded in Salt Lake City Utah less than a Month after the Pioneers arrived.

7. ​The LDS Church is the most Successful American Homegrown Religion.

​According to the History Channel, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the most successful Home Grown Religion. A Non – Mormon Scholar of American Religion (Stephen Prothro) even commented that the Book of Mormon is “America’s Most Influential Homegrown Scriptures.” And another Historian (Daniel Walker Howe) simply remarked that “The Book of Mormon should rank among the greatest achievements of American Literature.”

8. ​The author of Maze Runner Series is a member of the church

​Maze Runner by far is the Most Iconic, and Amazing Sci-Fi movies I have ever seen, I’ve never expect that the writer of the Movie is a Member of the Church. Utah-based author James Dashner wrote “The Maze Runner” trilogy which blows every Teenagers Mind. The book became a New York Times bestseller that was adapted into an upcoming film by 20th Century Fox.

​9. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sets to become Florida’s largest private land owner.

​The Church sets to become Florida’s Largest Private Farm Owner after buying nearly 40,000 acres in the state’s Panhandle region. The church also owns farmland in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain. And currently the Deseret Ranches which is owned by the church is one of the largest Cow-calf ranch in the United States. In 1997 it was the world’s largest beef ranch. The church also owns AgReserves Inc. which is the largest producer of nuts in the Country.

10. ​BYU was dubbed as America’s most Popular and one of The Largest Christian University.

​BYU or Brigham Young University is the Most Popular University in America as told by the US News, the title is also included in BYU’s commercial. The University also ranks Top as the Most Safest College Campus in America according to Business Insider.
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  1. Temple Square is the most popular attraction in the state with five million annual visitors. This ten-acre block located in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City is Utah’s number one tourist attraction (according to a post in The travelers Zone). The Mormon church’s headquarters are here, but Temple Square is more than just a destination for Latter Day Saints.
  2. Avant, Gerry (January 27, 2001). "Mormon Tabernacle Choir on parade". Retrieved 3 May 2011.
  3. An article by News Max considers Mormons as Top 11 most popular Sect in the Wold: More than 100,000 Latter-day Saints came to Salt Lake City last month for the church's biannual general conference. Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints give speeches providing members with guidance and inspiration in five sessions that span Saturday and Sunday. They announce church statistics, new temples, or initiatives. The 21,000-seat conference center fills to capacity during the sessions, and thousands more listen or watch around the world in 95 languages on television, radio, satellite, and Internet broadcasts.
  4. Twilight is based in an LDS Belief of Eternal Marriage according to The Atlantic and Buisness Insider.
  5. The records storage of the Church is a massive vault encased in rock at Granite Mountains, Utah first opened in 1965. Armed guards waving metal detector wands usher visitors into a concrete bunker before swinging open metal gates to a tunnel entrance. Excavated 600 ft inside the mountain, the vault features state-of-the-art environmentally controlled document storage chambers as well as administrative offices, shipping and receiving docks, a processing facility and a restoration laboratory for microfilm.
  6. The Choir is a 169 Years old Choir ( as of 2016 ) making it the Oldest Singing group in America.
  7. The LDS Church is the Most Successful American Homegrown Religion according to The History Channel.
  8. The Writer of The Maze Runner Series is a Member of The Church according to Utah Valley 360
  9. The Mormon church is poised to become the largest private landowner in Florida as a result of a deal to buy nearly 400,000 acres in the state's Panhandle region according to Reuters
  10. BYU Commercial
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