By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
Los Angeles California, USA

Jumping and then falling off a tall forty story building, a man began to scream and holler for help. Help me. Help me! When he got about half way down a irritated man stuck his head out the window and shouted back, "Stop your whining. Stop it" Is that all your able to do, but whine, and just think about yourselves." Stop bothering everyone.

When distraught people are falling as we all sometimes do, let's not point our finger and start judging, showing little understanding, thereby putting additional stumbling blocks in their path, so as to say, "I don't care and by the way don't trouble me, all the while letting him continue to fall. Let us rather be the good samaritan and instead, pull out a safety net, or a uplifting hand to aid and help, so that they don't esteem thee to me their enemy, but a friend.​We all, also at times, will by necessity, need subsistence, support, and aid from another. People have enough problems and concerns, with out them being added upon by thoughtless and maybe sometimes self absorbed individuals, whereby furthering the discouragement and hopelessness of the one falling.

The saints are generally quite generous with their time and service. My family has been helped, succored, even given financial help, as the angels of God provided in their goodness. My wife dreamed one night, that earthly angels would be sent to help, and to give support and aid, after which one by one they did come to offer their balm.

We, however, are at times, a little sharp with our words, or and, our behaviors, that send either an intentional, or an unintentional harsh, or uncaring message, to those that are falling, and or, having a difficult rough period in their life. We can sometimes knowingly, or unknowingly, ignore others, or even offend others, wherefore we should become more aware and prudent in watching our own conduct, so as to not put a stumbling block in another's way.

​Charity, brotherhood, and sisterhood, should ever be as the scripture attest the end of the commandment. Let us also, all be grateful for the goodness of service, either in our callings we perform, or in the help and aid we render, as a ward family in the Church of Jesus Christ, for Zion is just around the corner. Let us therefore catch one another, and ever be watchful for those that are falling.

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