By: Samuel Hollman​, Moroni Channel
Oklahoma, USA

Throughout life, we all have trials that we will face. With the trials, we must know what is right. Without the knowledge, we would live in an endless world of catastrophe.

For some, it is addictions. An addiction should be a feeling or lust to do an act every day. Many with addictions feel that they can change themselves. In reality, however, that is lying to ourselves. IF we have any addiction, we must contact a person who can help us. The person that is best at helping is the bishop/branch president.

This may seem "scary" to some to talk about their addictions with the Bishop/branch president. If we don't, we are lying to ourselves and everyone around us. By not talking to our Bishop/Branch President, we are doing more harm to ourselves that we can possibly imagine.

​Addictions are like this

Lust is patient, It will linger,
Once you do it, It will stay.
The more you do it,
The harder it is to go away,
The less you do it,
the harder it is to not do it.
The more you do it,
​ The easier it is to fall for the temptation.

Be careful what you do. Always know what is right and wrong. Don't be scared to contact the Bishop/Branch President because you will be lying to yourself and others around you.
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