By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
Published:  Tuesday April 26 2016; 11:37 p.m. DMT


A group of young women wear work gloves and do a service activity outside together.
​   Our filters like our car filters can become greasy, with grime and dirt, and some of them become so filthy, that when the fuel or air is pumped through, it twist and turns and therefore makes our thoughts and understanding perverted and defiled. Our thoughts and understanding become impure and sluggish, which clouds our minds and hardens our hearts towards another. Here is a list of things, that add grease and dirt to our filters. History of unpleasant times when spoken too often, judgements, criticism, blaming, the big one of expectations or unfulfilled expectations, lack of verbal acknowledgement of the good qualities and talents of another, making a list and checking it over twice, looking at the mistakes, blunders, and faults of another, and putting one under a microscope, then throw in a little of ones past pain, hurt, and bitterness, and ones filter becomes malfunctional, or even dysfunctional. Our filter then needs to be washed and clean, and sometimes even changed. The filter is the way we view things, looking at the glass half empty, or even empty, instead of half full, not appreciating what we have, or the good things of another. We should know, that no one is going to have all the qualities we desire, as we don’t have all those qualities either. We don’t need to try to fix or rearrange another out of fear, because it leads to being controlling, and being harsh taking away ones agency, to think and to act without tiptoeing around the other. A bad dirty filter deflects, suffocates, and extinguishes all sorts of love, making one, or both feel alone, worthless, unimportant, and full at times of feeling resentment and bitterness. It increases one’s pride and haughtiness, and lays the ground work of destruction. God is the only one who as a perfectly clean filter, that’s why he is holy and pure by himself, with no mans help, we on the other hand need to depend on him, and need Him with our willing wills, to wash, clean, and make anew our old own worn down filters, through His Atonement, with repentance and forgiveness. This cleansing of our filters will set us, and others free, and unfettered. It will bring love and harmony back into our relationships. We then will be free to continue our work at obtaining salvation and exhalation in the Kingdom of God.
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