By: Dawn Stevens, MCH Contributor
Grace Lane Authors
Utah, USA
“You’re so strong; I could never do what you do.” I never perceived myself as being strong, but I knew how to survive. Over time the survival became thriving. Each step became more confident as I learned to trust in God. One of my favorite experiences from this time is reflected in the following.

I tread water, going nowhere while trying to reach the shore of comfort and the beach of rest. I forget to lay my burdens at the feet of my Savior, trying with my finite mind and capabilities to accomplish all I feel I must.My boat is floundering in the waves. Without proper guidance, my frantic, frenzied bailing will be for naught and my tiny boat will sink. I seek counsel from my father. He sends me to the father of my ward, who throws some of my responsibilities overboard into the sea, to be picked up and handled by others.

The rocking subsides somewhat, but I must do more. Again I seek guidance, this time from the Father of us all. He reminds me that I light the shoreline and He sends the light from the lighthouse. My light reflects His.

Reflecting His light saves me. His direction and guidance land me on the shore of comfort with relief. I go to the beach of rest with hope. Steady in my place, at the foot of His lighthouse, whether wind, rain, or calm seas ahead, I try to help others reach the safety of the harbor.

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