By Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
Louisville Kentucky, USA


​Suppose you had been given a promise from the Lord, from a prayer and fasting, or from a blessing received, or even from a priesthood authority, as was Abraham that he would have a son.

​Days weeks months maybe even years go by and the promise as yet to be fulfilled. What do you believe? Where is the measurement of your faith?

Do you believe in your physical senses and think that it can’t possible happen. That everything you hear and see, and because of time passing, points in the opposite direction that it may not happen. Abraham and others waited years probably struggling with doubts and fears to the point of half laughing at even the idea of the promise being fulfilled as did Sariah, yet he retained his faith in the promise.

Or do you hold on to your spiritual senses that are felt within. Seeing, a internal dictate or knowing that the promise was given. Spiritual feelings tastings, smellings, and hearings all things perceived within, that your faith is relying on hope of the promise to be fulfilled.

I have been counseled  many times by the Lord to stop relying on my physical sense, for they are at times full of fallacies that lead to doubt and discouragement, and to look within with faith and hope of the fruition of the promise.

This is how we partially overcome the things of this world or the things of the natural man. The natural man likes to put truth to doubt and it does so by the appearances of our physical senses. We are to rely on the spiritual experiences we have had, and to retain them without forgetting them. Even the revelation that Joseph Smith is a prophet and the church is true is put to doubt by our natural man by the worlds reasonings, and the appearances at times of our physical senses.

Trust your deeper convictions with the experiences that gave you these convictions, and hold on even through days, weeks, months, years, yea even to the end. May we all be blessed for our faithfulness to our spiritual senses and not to rely on physical sense unless they are in harmony with the spiritual. Amen

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