By Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
Louisville Kentucky, USA


​The bible talks of fortifying their cities with stone walls without and around, and to fashion a  tall tower in the city’s center, with a watchmen standing thereon.

​The outer walls correspond to the truths of faith of the gospel and relate to the protective truths of the gospel.  Don’t date before age 16, don’t have freedom without security for the internet, don’t dress immodestly, don’t see R rated movies, don’t gossip and judge, and many others. We should place spiritual ammunition, things learned, and experienced with guards of forethought and warning, around about this stone wall, to resist, and to prevent the enemy from charging, entering, and overtaking. However as we are disobedient to these protective truths, it causes damage and injury to our  walls, putting chinks or holes therein, allowing the enemy easier access to over run and perhaps to capture or to endanger our very souls.

The tower is in the center of this fortified city within, built up high, and is determine by the truths of faith of charity and love learned, and lived. The tower is founded on the special and more inner truths the gospel has to offer, the things of faith, charity, repentance, forgiveness, covenants, love, and foremost the laws, commandments, ordinances, and covenants found in The Temple, or The House of The Lord.

The watchmen are not lulled to sleep, into a natural man state, but are ever awake, vigilant  and ready, looking afar off, standing tall in a spiritual way, so that they may discern, perceive and see the enemy from a far, warring, and approaching .

The watch men of our most inner self sounds the alarm and all that we have come hastening, with much affection, to prepare for battle , to fight, and to combat the enemy and temptation approaching, that victory may be won and that triumph might be ours.

Let us all construct a strong and sturdy protective outer wall and a  tower tall  and strong, so that we might win and have victory over all  our enemies and all our foes, that we might walk in the warmth of the spirit and light of the day and not falter or fall in the cold and darkness of the night.

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