By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
Kentucky, USA

The celestial man is at peace and rest, from the enticements and the temptations that used to have a warring against him, and against his natural mans flesh. He stands strong, meek, and bold against the fiery darts, and arrows of the lustful, and greedy adversary. He does things for there own sake as he is virtuous for virtue sake, this and other qualities are innate with in. He performs acts of charity without thought of duty or obedience as he desires to be of use in Gods kingdom here upon the earth in which he abides. He loves all people and wishes them well and is sadden not only by their trials, and affliction but also by their weaknesses, follies, and evil deeds.

He may have a sense of indignation at the misuse of what is just, that may even appear like anger on the outside, yet deep within is a certain celestial sadness that it is so, that something is not quite right within another. His heart is pure as the driven snow with is intents, and motives being genuine and clean of deceit.

He is patient, kind, tolerant, and loving and does not seek his own or his own worldly desires. He has rid himself of most fears, whereby he trust in the Lord to provide and rescue those he cares for and loves. He doesn't prearrange certain outcomes, either for himself, or for another, but walks step by step trusting and having faith in God to sustain, and succor. Yet he as hope, goals, and dreams of ones own destiny, long ago prearrange in the life before. Evil shun itself away and dares not advance for his goodness is frightening, and disheartening, so it's slithers away, back into the darkness of whence it came. He stands high upon the mountain top with the love of God beating in his heart, cleansed, purified, and sanctified as he yields his heart unto The Lord. The light of God from his countenance, shines forth from his soul unto all men and beckons them with an understanding heart, to the glorious gospel of our Christ and Lord our Master. Truth flows and abounds from him, from the love he has, for The Lord and all man kind. Oh, the Celestial man, life with MAN anew, finally dwelling in the celestial mansions on high forever and ever with glory, honor eternal, exalted above all the other heavens! And this radiant Celestial man with its gold and silver, arrayed in purple and scarlet will inherited the earth in celestial realms forevermore.

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