By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
Kentucky, USA
If a man overcomes his temptations his own, or natural man is dispersed, that is, loosened and tempered by the truths and goods received from The Lord. It helps man confirmed the spiritual things that lie within, and subdue the external to bring into harmony with the internal or spiritual man! He therefore is regenerated by The Lord by bending him a little at a time to bring him into agreement and thus bringing man into a state of freedom. This combat between the spiritual man and the natural man is what is felt and perceived by the man causing the pain and remorse of conscience
Mischievous spirits call up excite all the wrong things that from his infancy a man has either done or even thought, thus both his evils and his falsities and condemn him. Nothing gives them greater delight than to wreck havoc and disturb the conscience of man. They even bring up the good things man has done but pervert them in ways as to make them seemingly not good or even evil. They tirelessly try to persuade man as they mingle truths with man’s yearnings to make the truths favor the loves of self and of the world, and then in a thousand ways pervert them and force them into agreement with these loves, changing the truth of God into a lie.
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