By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
Kentucky USA
Oh, the spiritual man, which giveth life and light, truth and righteousness, be forever vigilant, fighting, and protecting the celestial things of God and Heaven. Stand tall and watchful, for the enemy assaulteth, and charges to break down the strong stone wall, or high hedge, to evade and to conquer. It takes the sword of truth and justice, the helmet of salvation, or intelligence and wisdom, the breastplate of virtue with its affection of truth and righteousness, and its feet shod with peace, having the instructions in the Word of God, and finally the shield, defending the manifolds of what is false and what is evil, and is marshaled and prepared for battle. The spiritual man, fructifies and multiplies bringing forth anew spiritual births of continual goods and truths, offsprings bringing forth births even though the labor be grievous, hard to bear. It harbors the lights of the heavens, the sun, love of God, the moon, the things faith and charity, and the stars, the knowledge of truth and righteousness, as it shineth on the own of man tutoring, and schooling the warring resistant, and relentless natural man.

The spiritual man stores up remains and reserves, with prayers, scriptures, revelations, and gospel experiences as did in the days of Joseph of Egypt to overcome and endure the famines and draughts of this sometimes tormented life. It fights and combats against the appetites and loves of self, and against the wontedness of the things of this world, as it puts down sophistries and fallacies, deceptions, and delusions, as it shineth in the darkness, and in the blackness of mans own ego, pride and self intelligences. It stings the consciences of the human mind with faith and charity, fairness and justice, prompting and reminding of the paths and deeds, that we must follow and obey. It quiets the mind and brings peace to the soul as it teaches and instructs us in compassion, grace, mercy, charity, and love. Oh the goodness of this spiritual man! It enlightens the understanding, bringing forth intelligence and wisdom, that we may chose righteousness from evil, truth from error; yea, liberty from death. It shows empathy, tenderness, kindness, and consolations, to the hungry and naked, the poor and the needy, and the sufferers and sorrowers, that are afflicted and stricken, so that they might be comforted and heartened. Rise up rise up oh ye spiritual man, and bring forth your wealth and riches as you yield and give way to The Man, the Celestial Man, guarding and protecting all its marvelous ways. And this radiant Celestial man with its gold and silver, arrayed in purple and scarlet, will inherited the earth in celestial realms forevermore.

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