By: Don Bowman, Moroni Channel
Published: Wednesday, April 20 2016; 9:00 p.m. DMT


A young woman prays.

      Most of us have had periods in our life where we have been in wonderment and amazed that the Lord has been so mindful of us, as He has showered down upon us, His blessings, bounties, and His answers to our prayers. As we sometimes ponder of these times, tears of gratitude, and appreciations flow down our faces sometimes wondering why, and how He would be so mindful, caring, and so responsive to our cries, for His mercy, grace, and succor.

His love for His children, especially those who come unto him, knows no bounds, as our Father in Heaven waits, for the knock and call of His children!

There are those times, when we feel distant. Where did he go? For we can feel alone, grieved, perhaps a little abandon, lost, or unimportant, having much affliction and temptations. We understand, it is sometimes necessary for us to feel as a child. We need to feel what it is like, to walk alone, all by ourselves, without the appearance of his aid, guidance, or help, yet His eyes are really always upon us. We must learn for certain, who we really are, what we are truly made of, and what changes or adjustments need to be made, with both, our strengths, and or weaknesses. We therefore learn, the challenging indispensable lessons of this mortal world.

Often times, it is us, who walk away, turning down crooked paths, into mists of darkness, participating in the pleasures, and delights of this material world, having then, to find our way back through this darkness into the light, to the holding on again of the iron rod. Sometimes perhaps we are too engaged, either within, or without, to feel the spirit of His presence, and therefore sacrifice, the comfort and peace only He can bring.

​Yet deep within our souls, there is a knowing that indeed His eyes are continually upon us, and through faith, prayer, obedience, with a sorrowing repentance, we can again feel the amazing joy and knowledge, that it is so, that He loves us and is continually mindful of all His children, loving each one of them. His Divine Providence, all things prepared for our return, and His Divine Foresight, making away for our escapes, is ever present, yesterday today and forevermore! Let us praise His Holy and Sacred name!

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