By Ilyan Kei Lavanway, Moroni Channel
United States of America
​This micro-fiction story is provided free for everyone to enjoy. This story may be freely shared, copied, printed, and distributed. Please be kind enough to post a book review on Smashwords.
​Dedicated to my son, Immanuel:

Duck Boy lived in America.
Duck Boy took a trip down under, to Australia.
While Duck Boy was touring Australia, he saw a platypus farm.
Duck Boy went to the platypus farm.
Duck Boy said, “Whoa! You ducks are weird!”
The platypuses said, “We’re not weird.
We’re platypuses.
You’re the one that’s weird.
Who’s ever seen a two-legged platypus?
What were your parents on?”
​ Kids, don’t let your parents take drugs!

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